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Presentations, Publications, & Working Papers

Alan Ruby

Jonbekova, D., Serkova, Y., Mazbulova, Z., Jumakulov, Z., & Ruby, A. (2022, January). How international higher education graduates contribute to their home country: an example from government scholarship recipients in Kazakhstan. Higher Education Research & Development. Taylor & Francis Online. Publications
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Ruby, A. (2021, May 15). University endowment models: A tale of two missions. University World News.
Jonbekova, D., Kim, T., Kerimkulova, S., Ruby, A., & Sparks, J. (2021, March). Employment of international education graduates: Issues of economy and resistance to change. Higher Education Quarterly, 75 (4), 618-633. Publications
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Hartley, M. & Ruby, A. (2015, May 11). The Future of Higher Education. Presentations
Perna, L.W., Ruby, A., Boruch, R., Wang, N., Scull, J., Ahmad, S., & Evans, C. (2014, December). Moving through MOOCs: Understanding the progression of users in MOOCs. Educational Researcher, 43, 421-432. Publications
Perna, L. W., Ruby, A., Boruch, R., Wang, N., Scull, J., Ahmad, S., & Evans, C. (2014, May 5). "Sequential flow". Excerpt from unpublished manuscript, Life cycle of a million MOOC users.. Policy Briefs
Perna, L. W., Ruby, A. (2014, May). Heavy weather: Fiscal Clouds and MOOC Waves in the Sunshine State. Times Higher Education. Publications
Perna, L. W., Ruby, A. (2014, May). Cautious towards MOOCs. ScienceGuide. Publications
Perna, L.W., & Ruby, A. (2013, December 5). Life cycle of a million MOOC users. MOOC Research Initiative, Arlington, Texas. Presentations