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Presentations, Publications, & Working Papers

Peter Eckel

(2017, November 12). What to Consider When Closing an Academic Program. Publications
(2017, July). Getting-the-Most-from-Governance. Publications
Eckel, P. & Trower, C. (2016, September). Right Answers, Wrong Questions. Inside Higher Ed. . Publications
Eckel, P. & Kezar, A. (2016, February). The intersecting authority of boards, presidents, and faculty: Toward shared leadership. In M. B. Bastedo, P.G. Altbach & P.J. Gumport (Eds.), American Higher Education in the Twenty-First Century: Social, Political, and Economic Challenges (4th ed.). Johns Hopkins University Press. Publications
Eckel, P.D. and Perna, L.W. (2015, June). Public Perceptions of Higher Education: Is it Worth the Cost?. (What's AHEAD: Key Trends in Higher Education No. 6). Philadelphia, PA: Alliance for Higher Education and Democracy, Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania. Publications